About us

iBNB realized that the rental property management business had lacked ease of booking, superior customer service, hygiene, and service standards. iBNB stepped into the business by offering what homeowner and guest actually wanted.

Considering the technology-focused travel businesses today, we automate a large number of tasks that are essential for better online visibility of a rental property. These tasks include posting an ad of property on various sites and optimizing it, requiring significant time and efforts. Homeowners find it tedious to arrange, clean, and manage guest accommodation repeatedly. At iBNB, we take care of your short-term rental property and manage each and everything perfectly.

How We Do It?

We leverage modern-day technology to provide homeowners with excellent property management services and higher revenues. We work day in day out to expand our business consistently. We are passionate to manage short-term rental properties by offering high-quality property management services in Houston. We hold an in-depth understanding of various locations. Above all, we not only offer superior expertise that you can trust but deliver worthwhile experiences to the guests.

We are supported by dominant investors and a team of talented staff members who deliver memorable experiences to your guests. Below is that iBNB offers:

Skilled, Customers’ Friendly, and Experienced
Staff Members
Superior Service
Ad Placement
Higher Returns
Commission Rates

We Make Your Guests Feel Special

When you choose iBNB, you receive more than just a rental management service. You get a team of professionals you can count on. We take care of your guests throughout the entire vacation. We ensure your guests receive the highest standard comfort, safety, and hygiene, providing you with a peace of mind in term of property management. We aim to make your guests feel special

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